Maint. Planned for February 18th.2019
1-3hours Long. Time to be announced.   Read More »
Event Postone and New Files
The 15 event will be postone till tma Sorry all for this. New game exe ...  Read More »
Maint. 1-2 Hours[Completed Patch Notes in Discord]
@ 02:00am Website time. We will be doing Server Maint.    Read More »
15 Zone Event
15 pvp Event We will be spawning santa Trolls all over the map.  ...  Read More »
Video Contest
Video on the Server Event Must Include How to start on the server Via ...  Read More »

Server Time


Guild Ranking Battle Time

Server Information

 Fury Needs People!!
 Galactic Shaiya : Ep 5.4
 3PvP Areas: 15-30-70
 GRB Schedule: Every Saturday 14:00 InGame Time
 EXP Rate: Instant level
 KILL Rate: x1 With BFR x2
 NO Custom Items, Max Lapis Lv7
 FREE Shaiya Points by PvP rewards
 Donation Set PreLinked and Rerroled
 FREE 30 Day's Consumables CRR, PID, EE
 PvP, Grinding, Farming and Boss Hunting
 DDoS Protected Server

Boss Record

Boss Name Map Name Respawn Time
Kanos IlliumLumen
Kanos IlliumAles
Kanos IlliumSecreta
Kanos IlliumDentatus
Caelum SacraDios Exile
SkyCityGreendieta Seraphim